Positivity around — 18th Sep 2021
Mermaid — 13th Sep 2021
Meditation — 8th Sep 2021
Season — 5th Sep 2021


Photo by Tony Ross/ Unsplash

September is wearing new gown with white flare, pearls of dew on it. Hold my hand, don’t leave me here. I’ll not complain about the chill again. I’ll travel to the north pole with you, we’ll sleep underneath the water. Quiet steps on frosty surface, Just one life, one more time, we live again.

If I — 3rd Sep 2021
Sleeping eyes — 2nd Sep 2021

Sleeping eyes

Photo by Anthony Tran/ Unsplash

These nights are too long that I want to escape from the darkness of loneliness, Craving and desires haunt mercilessly on my body. I want to sleep for thousand years, not getting hunted by aloofness of longest nights. A pair of sleeping eyes and no more beauty of love.

Loosening —


Photo by Pawel Szvmanski/ Unsplash

Loosening the heart a bit

Playing the note highs and lows,

Torn pages roughly knit

Lakeshore and my vows.

See I’m here walking alone

Sands fly nearby

Sunset smiles at lovelorn

Naive spirit don’t lie.

Cinnamon love — 1st Sep 2021
September 1_ Sanguine — 31st Aug 2021

September 1_ Sanguine

Pic from Unsplash

I felt the thrive of self discovery when I was on the verge of losing myself in overwhelming sadness and discontentment.

It has taken long time to understand that everything in my life is transitory. No matter how hard I try to hold all of them, they will pass. It’s not about the holding on with lots of burden on your mind. It’s life, a journey of diversity, variety of times, new levels, some levels are easy to play and some levels are tough but I survive and anyhow I upgrade to the next level and I face again new challenges. I keep moving on. My life isn’t always an adventure, sometime it relaxes like a hermit. But finally it’s LIFE and I live through diversity. Their is no button for give up.

Again @August —
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